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Hello Margot fans, and welcome back to The Margot Corner! I’m Sara, one of the original founders of the website. After several months offline, I decided I missed this site and adored Margot too much to let go completely – so here we are again!

I have updated our gallery with all the missing events, photoshoots and magazine spreads from this year, so make sure you head over and start browsing. Now that we’re approaching the end of 2018, what’s better than browsing through Margot’s very busy and successful year!? There are several thousand new images, all in beautiful high quality.

Updates will resume as normal from now, so keep checking back for more Margot content soon! I will catch up on all her film related photos up next, as well as screen captures from the latest talk shows and interviews. Make sure to follow us over at twitter to be alerted on all the new updates here at the site, as I have a lot to share with you over the holidays. 

(PS: The stunning post photo is from the European premiere of “Mary Queen of Scots” in London on December 11, which you can now find 500+ HQ photos from here. One of my absolute favorite Margot looks this year, possibly ever!)

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The last couple of days have been extremely hectic for Margot (and us!), and there’s been so many updates here at the site that they’re spread across 3 pages. Margot has been everywhere at the film festival, and we know it might have been hard to keep up with everything she’s been up to. Therefore, we’ve put together this little summary of the festival – hopefully making it easier for everyone to read up on what Margot has been up to, now that it’s all collected in one place. The festival has blessed us with countless new photos, interviews, videos and articles, and we’ve attempted to pick out the best and most important parts of it for you here. We’ve learned so much about the upcoming ‘I, Tonya’ this weekend, and I’ve done my best at summarizing it for you.

After weeks of anticipation, The 2017 Toronto International Film Festival kicked off Thursday 7th of September! Margot was photographed arriving at the Toronto airport that night, confirming that she would be at the festival to promote her upcoming film ‘I, Tonya’. Some background information on the film, for those who’ve had trouble keeping up with all of Margot’s latest projects: the film is based on the real events surrounding the life of ice skater Tonya Harding. In 1994, she was implicated in the kneecapping of rival skater Nancy Kerrigan. The film’s IMDb page reads as follows – “Competitive ice skater Tonya Harding rises among the ranks at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, but her future in the sport is thrown into doubt when her ex-husband intervenes.” The movie entered TIFF with a widely reported $6 million offer from CBS Films already on the table, with some rumors circulating that the company had already closed the sale. We learned early on during the festival that the film was without a distributor, and a major bidding war for it was expected.

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Hello Margot fans! Our first post of the year is a review of Margot’s career in 2016 inspired by my friends Gabby from and Luciana from

2016 has been quite busy for Margot with the theatrical release of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad. She also promoted Calvin Klein’s new frangrance Deep Euphoria, filmed Terminal, Larrikins, Goodbye Christopher Robin and begun training for I, Tonya.

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Click on more to view the full review post.

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Hello everyone! We are very excited and proud to welcome you all to the grand opening of The Margot Corner – “we” being Sara and Neide, the owners behind this website. We have been working extremely hard to get this site as in-depth and comprehensive as possible be. There’s already so much you can browse through here, and we have many plans for this site for the future! We are both big fans of Margot, and we can’t wait to share our admiration for her with fellow fans through this site.

Our gallery contains 40,000 photos so far, and it includes high quality photos from almost every single event Margot has attended, a huge collection of photoshoots, screen captures and photos from about 99% of her projects and so much more! We even have quite a collection of rare and exclusive photos, so make sure you get browsing… As for our main pages, we already have an extensive career archive, containing information on all of Margot’s projects – everything from TV and film productions, to magazine spreads and entertainment shows. You can also learn everything there is to be about Margot in our exclusive biography and in our information files. We also have a wide range of multimedia and press related stuff, and we hope you’ll have fun browsing our big network.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through this page. And make sure to follow us on twitter, to easier stay up to date on everything Margot Robbie and The Margot Corner! Thank you for visiting – and stay tuned for more.

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