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Hello everyone! We are very excited and proud to welcome you all to the grand opening of The Margot Corner – “we” being Sara and Neide, the owners behind this website. We have been working extremely hard to get this site as in-depth and comprehensive as possible be. There’s already so much you can browse through here, and we have many plans for this site for the future! We are both big fans of Margot, and we can’t wait to share our admiration for her with fellow fans through this site.

Our gallery contains 40,000 photos so far, and it includes high quality photos from almost every single event Margot has attended, a huge collection of photoshoots, screen captures and photos from about 99% of her projects and so much more! We even have quite a collection of rare and exclusive photos, so make sure you get browsing… As for our main pages, we already have an extensive career archive, containing information on all of Margot’s projects – everything from TV and film productions, to magazine spreads and entertainment shows. You can also learn everything there is to be about Margot in our exclusive biography and in our information files. We also have a wide range of multimedia and press related stuff, and we hope you’ll have fun browsing our big network.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through this page. And make sure to follow us on twitter, to easier stay up to date on everything Margot Robbie and The Margot Corner! Thank you for visiting – and stay tuned for more.

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