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On the 27th of November, the 27th Annual Gotham Awards were held in New Yor! Margot and I, Tonya were nominated in two categories: Best Feature Film and Best Actress. Unfortunately, they didn’t pick up either this time around. But we still have big hope this award season will land both the film and Margot several awards 😉 Best Feature went to Call Me by Your Name, and Saoirse Ronan won best actress. We have several photos from the event in our gallery, much thanks to my close friend Gabby from I Heart Saoirse! Find previews and gallery links below.

For the occasion, Margot wore an Yves Saint Laurent shimmery, sequin dress with amber velvet sandals by the same label, accessorized with a cigarette case by Roger Vivier. (Make sure to follow our staff member Jenna’s Style instagram “Dress Like Margot” to always get the information on Margot’s outfits!). She looked so beautiful!

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Margot was once again a guest at Good Morning America this week (November 30), this time to promote I, Tonya! She wore a beautiful Givenchy dress for the show, and she looked as amazing as always. Our gallery has been updated with a big batch of photos, and I’ll have screen captures from the episode up as soon as possible as well. Enjoy the pretty!

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Phew! Margot sure has been busy this week. But we’re almost all caught up now (make sure to scroll down to check out all the other updates – there’s been a lot today!). On November 28, the New York Premiere of I, Tonya was held at the Village East Cinema. Margot wore an outfit by Calvin Klein’s Raf Simmons, and she looked so casual and pretty! Check out 170+ photos in our gallery.

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Every year, Variety Studio holds a string of Actors on Actors interviews, to take you inside the biggest films of the year through candid conversations with some of today’s most acclaimed actors. This year, Margot is included! She’s doing and interview with Jake Gyllenhaal, and we now have the full video from their interview. They filmed it on November 11 (photos are in our gallery – find a link below), but their episode will air on January 2, at 7 PM! In addition to the new clips, our gallery has been updated with a beautiful portrait of the duo, as well as a scan from Variety.

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Margot Robbie (“I, Tonya”) and Jake Gyllenhaal (“Stronger”) sat down for a chat for Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” presented by Google Home, which airs Jan. 2 to Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. on PBS SoCal KOCE.

Margot Robbie: You’ve been in the business a lot longer than I have. Your first job was when you were 11?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Eleven.

Robbie: Was there a conscious choice to become an actor? If no one in your family was in the business, do you think you would have found your way into the business anyway? Or do you ever wonder what you’d be doing if you weren’t doing this?

Gyllenhaal: Absolutely. You ask those questions at different times. But I think that it’s this crazy blessing that is really a lot about luck, and that makes me feel very grateful. But being around this business my whole life, I think there are a lot of aspects that feel like family. I think we all come to this space one way or another to find different families. It’s interesting in thinking about these two characters [Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding and Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman]: They were both kind of thrust into the spotlight in a particular way — for your character, because of her choice and then also because of the event that happened.

Robbie: Something [Tonya] asked me about when we met, she said, “How are you dealing with fame and being famous?” And actually, it was very kind of her to ask. Because to be honest, her situation was horrible, and it happened to her so young, and I think what made the biggest difference in the world was she didn’t have a support network around her. And I do, and I’m so lucky. I didn’t start working professionally until I finished high school. I had a very clear bookend from my childhood to my adulthood — from my life outside of the film business and my life inside.

Gyllenhaal: You have always been very clear about that. Separating those two.

Robbie: It’s bittersweet living outside of Australia, because I miss everyone so much, but the fact that they are so removed from it helps me keep my life and my work separate — even though they are intrinsically linked, because all I want to do is work all the time. But becoming famous at [Tonya’s] age without a support network around her, and without a clear distinction, I think would have been incredibly difficult.

Gyllenhaal: I think that’s true. I learned from Jeff that he didn’t ask for those things — he didn’t ask for the attention and to become that thing, but he has slowly evolved into being able to hold that idea for people.

Robbie: I was in tears in the moment when he’s at the Red Sox game and you can just see that he suddenly realizes the responsibility he has and the positive impact he can have on the people around him by just listening to their story and shaking their hand. And I was bawling by that part.

Gyllenhaal: Thank you. That’s really sweet of you to say. I think that movies can bring joy. And that’s what I feel Jeff showed me, is his spirit, when you get touched by him, or you’re around him, or you know if he were here, you’d feel so happy to be alive. Also he has such a great sense of humor and makes all my petty crap seem like petty crap. I think he always just puts it in perspective for me.

Robbie: I feel like there are similarities in what we went through and that we were both playing real-life people in a situation that didn’t happen that long ago. And there’s obviously the added responsibility when you play a real-life person who’s still alive. How was it playing Jeff, and playing a real-life person, and just that story in general?

Gyllenhaal: It was a huge responsibility. I felt a pressure beyond a pressure I’ve ever felt in terms of playing a character because you’re, like you said, you know you want to do the situation the service that it deserves. You spent time with Tonya?

Robbie: Not the way I think you might have [with Jeff]. I actually wanted to keep a bit of distance. I knew that if I met her and liked her, I would never play this character properly. I would be sugarcoating her flaws; I’d be trying to justify the bad things that she may do or say in a situation. And I didn’t want to do that. So there was the character of Tonya, and then there was the person [whose story] I’m telling, and there’s the responsibility to do their story justice. It’s a weird thing to try and make something entertaining. And entertaining doesn’t always mean funny or happy.

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In the latest behind-the-scenes clip teasing next year’s Peter Rabbit, its stars, including James Corden, Margot Robbie and Daisy Ridley, reveal their excitement over bringing the famous Beatrix Potter creations to the big screen. “The character of Peter Rabbit is just in the fabric of growing up in the United Kingdom”, Corden says. “He’s such a loveable character, which owes everything to the genius of Beatrix Potter.”

“The film had the blessing of the Peter Rabbit groups,” he assures. “They saw that it was true to the character and the world that Beatrix built.” Hitting cinemas early next year, the film appears poised to bring to cinemas the same adorable heroics that have captivated readers for generations.

In a film that seamlessly blends animation and live-action, Peter is brought to life through the enthusiastic tones of James Corden, as the rabbit takes his ongoing feud with Mr. McGregor (played by Domhnall Gleeson) to greater heights than ever before.

Mr. McGregor, while continuing to watch over his vegetable patch, finds his anti-animal stance questioned when he sparks up a romance with Bea (Rose Byrne), who happens to love the animals Mr. McGregor often rallies against. Corden is surrounded by an all-star cast of voiceover actors, including Robbie as Flopsy, Ridley as Cotton-tail and Elizabeth Debicki as Mopsy. Sam Neill plays Mr. McGregor’s father, while pop star Sia, last heard in My Little Pony: The Movie, is also involved.

“The stories are so timeless, it’s nice to escape to that,” Robbie adds during the featurette. “[The film] is so funny, but at the core it’s about being there for the people that you love.”

Peter Rabbit is released on March 16, 2018. (Telegraph)

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Earlier this week (November 29) The New York Times hosted a panel discussion for I, Tonya! Margot was in attendance with her co-stars, looking gorgeous in Calvin Klein denim. I have updated our gallery with photos of her arriving, the panel and some gorgeous portraits! Check them out.

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Hello Margot fans! You’ve probably noticed there’s been a lack of updates here at The Margot Corner the last two weeks. Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to update the site! Margot has been really busy these two weeks, so I have a lot to catch up on; stay tuned for a ton of new posts and photos! First up, on November 20, Margot attended a ‘I, Tonya’ press conference. We have more than 100 high quality photos – she looks stunning in these! Make sure to head over to our gallery to check them out.

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