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Ex-‘Neighbours’ stars reunite in LA

Source: Digital Spy
Date: 29 NOVEMBER 2010

Former Neighbours stars Margot Robbie, Caitlin Stasey and Dichen Lachman all live in the same apartment block in Los Angeles, it has been revealed.

Lachman, who played Katya Kinski in the programme, was the first to move to the area, while Robbie (Donna Freedman) now lives in the same flat as Stasey (Rachel Kinski).

Australian actress Trilby Glover, who appeared in the film Righteous Kill, told The Herald Sun: “Dichen lived here first and then everyone else just flocked to this apartment block.

“My apartment door is literally one metre from Dichen’s, so I can actually lean through my window and chat with her. Caitlin lives across the garden and Margot’s staying with her at the moment – it’s like an Aussie Melrose Place.

“All of Ramsay Street pretty much comes through.”