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Fasten Your Seatbelts! Pan Am’s Margot Robbie Tells Us All About Tonight’s Turbulence

Date: 2011-11-06
Source: EOnline

What happens when you add four stewardesses, a plane full of sailors, and an unlimited amount of alcohol?

We talked to Pan Am’s Australian beauty Margot Robbie and she reveals the new man in Laura’s life, the fate of your favorite couples—and the answer to that question!

And that answer is: “A really funny scene!”
Robbie explains, “It was hilarious because they had been in a submarine for the last six months, so they were going crazy and having this massive party on the plane!” We’d like a window seat on that flight, please!

And it seem like one of the stewardesses has a thing for men in uniform. Robbie reveals that Laura’s runaway-bride label will soon be disappearing after tonight’s episode. “For my character there is a new love-interest and he is an African-American sailor, which is obviously really topical because in 1963 racism was just so much more prevalent than it is today,” Margot says. “It’s a controversial storyline, but it is beautifully written.” Hmm, we’re sensing a possible star-crossed lovers type of thing, and so who exactly is this potential new beau in Laura’s life? Friday Night Lights’ Gaius Charles plays the hunky, yet oh-so-proper character Joe and their scenes together are simply electric.

While one relationship is heating up in this episode, the fans’ favorite couple, Dean (Mike Vogel) and Colette (Karine Vanasse), is being put on the back burner. (Still waiting on their shipper name!) But Margot coyly tells us not to worry. “You’ll see in later episodes the Colette and Dean chemistry. It definitely heats up again so the fans can rest assure that they’ll get back on track.”

But could there be trouble for this relationship before it even begins? Fans remember Bridget Pierce (Annabelle Wallis) as the former CIA stewardess and Dean’s kinda-sorta fiance who has been missing in action for the past four episodes. Margot teases that the blond bombshell is not gone for good. “I’ve heard rumors that she is definitely coming back before we go away for Christmas, and it is actually going to be quite dramatic because of the whole Dean and Colette relationship forming.”

Of all the relationships on Pan Am, and let’s face it there are a lot, our favorite would definitely be the Laura and Maggie (Christina Ricci) gal-pal duo. Robbie tells us that the on-screen friendship is not just good acting, “Christina and I get along really well and it’s just hilarious to do all these things together,” she gushes. “The dynamic is just so great and you can see such a change in Laura when she moves in with Maggie.” What kind of a change? Well, for example, tonight’s episode opens with a massive party at Maggie’s apartment and fans get to see something that we’ve never seen before: Drunk Laura!

Margot tells us with a laugh, “I was surprised, too! I picked up the script and I was like, ‘What, drunk? That never happens!’ I didn’t even know that she drank!” She adds: “You definitely see Laura in a way you don’t typically see her. I think it will be really fun for people to see.”

Although Pan Am has yet to be picked up for a full season, ABC recently ordered five additional scripts for theirs 60s-set drama. Robbie assured us that she is still optimistic about ABC’s plans. “It’s definitely encouraging, and it has kind of re-assembled the whole writing crew and writing department. Change is encouraging because it shows that they have not given up yet and they really want to still make it work. They are using all of the resources they can to get the ratings up, so it’s a good thing for sure.”
Is there still hope for Pan Am to soar? Are you excited for tonight’s twists and turns? Can we ever write an article about Pan Am without flying puns? (We already know the answer to that one.) Take flight (see?) to the comments and share your thoughts!