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Interview in Nylon Magazine

Date: September 2011
Source: Nylon Magazine – Spetember Issue

This interview was typed up by the “The Margot Corner” staff, from Margot’s September issue of Nylon Magazine.

Margot Robbie
The women characters in the show are not there to support the men. It’s actually about the women. There are male characters, obiously, but we’re not there to support their storyline, which is so nice and refreshing!

[In the pilot] Laura runs out on her wedding day at the last second and leaves her groom at the altar. We shot that scene on our very first day. I didn’t even know Kelli [Garner, who plays her sister Kate] and we were imediately meant to have this sisterly bond. It was a 19-and-a-half-hour day and I couldn’t breathe in the dress I was wearing but it was so much fun. I just kept hyperventilating and crying again and again for hours and I was like, “oh my god! I’m so dizzy I’m going to pass out”.

I have ridiculously long arms – everyone used to call me “monkey girl”. One of our writers Jack Ormon, found out, and when I picked up the script for the next episode, there was a scene where weære at a pool and I’m meant to be a really great swimmer and say, “Yeah, it’s because I have abnormally long arms!” and Christina [Ricci’s character Maggie] calls me “monkey girls”. I was in hysterics reading it.

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