The Margot Corner
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Seven things you didn’t know about Margot Robbie

Source: Vogue
Date: March 5th, 2015

Her famous and non-famous friends and why the paparazzi made her cry.

She’s still close with her non-celebrity friends

Her childhood friend is her personal assistant and she’s still close with a group of 16 girlfriends from school. She also recently holidayed with her little brother in Croatia. See below.

She nearly missed an audition with Will Smith because she was out late

Which happened on the aforementioned trip with her sibiling. “So I’m in Hvar, and it’s 6am and I had just got the last boat back from this island, I’m walking up the hill back to our hostel, having just had the best 24 hours of my life, and I get back to my room, turn on my phone and there are 10,000 missed calls from my team…They said ‘You are on a flight to New York tonight, you are reading with Will Smith tomorrow.’…Within five minutes I just threw everything I could into my bag…I did the audition and got the role the next day.”

Robbie and Smith built a real friendship on the set of Focus

“I heard he was the nicest guy ever, so funny, so professional, and I thought: ‘He can’t be that great’, and then I got on set with him and I was like: ‘You are that great, I want you to be president of the world because you are amazing!’” So much so that when Robbie felt homesick during Christmas he set up a Christmas tree in the hotel they were staying at to make her feel at home.

She re-built her mouth muscles to be able to master accents

Her voice coach from Melbourne re-trained her Queensland tongue and visited her on set so she could master the Brooklyn accent in Wolf of Wall Street and American accent in Focus. “The accents are really one of the most fun parts about creating a character,” she says. “Once you don’t sound like yourself, you don’t feel like yourself and half your work is done.”

She had to learn how to shoot a gun for a role

“I grew up shooting rifles on the farm, but I can’t reload a revolver in two seconds.” She learnt how to be efficient with weapons on a rifle range and loved the training. “It’s wicked- getting to shoot a revolver as much as I want is really cool.”

Her colleagues think she could one day direct movies

Focus co-director John Requa thinks she has what the job requires. “Glenn [Ficcara, Focus co-director] and Will [Smith] and I have a combined 60-odd years of film experience, and yet she would be like: ‘No boys, you can’t do that.’ She’s really sharp…she’s got a bright future, she has the instincts- a director recognises a director, and she’s got it.”

She cried when she first read comments on paparazzi images of her

“I started reading the comments and I remember my mum was with me and I thought she was asleep, so I got into bed and I was bawling my eyes out. I was crying into my pillow, and she just started patting my back. I said: ‘Mum I don’t think I want to do this.’ And she said: ‘Darling, it’s too late not to’, and I realised this is just going to be part of my life now.”