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Hello Margot fans, and welcome back to The Margot Corner! I’m Sara, one of the original founders of the website. After several months offline, I decided I missed this site and adored Margot too much to let go completely – so here we are again!

I have updated our gallery with all the missing events, photoshoots and magazine spreads from this year, so make sure you head over and start browsing. Now that we’re approaching the end of 2018, what’s better than browsing through Margot’s very busy and successful year!? There are several thousand new images, all in beautiful high quality.

Updates will resume as normal from now, so keep checking back for more Margot content soon! I will catch up on all her film related photos up next, as well as screen captures from the latest talk shows and interviews. Make sure to follow us over at twitter to be alerted on all the new updates here at the site, as I have a lot to share with you over the holidays. 

(PS: The stunning post photo is from the European premiere of “Mary Queen of Scots” in London on December 11, which you can now find 500+ HQ photos from here. One of my absolute favorite Margot looks this year, possibly ever!)

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